Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Need Your help....Custom Jeschke color?

Jeschke Orange Cream
(color in full strength and 50% tint)

I have a huge favor to ask....but first a little background. I am not the type of artist that gets involved in the online contests that pushes you to ask all your fans and friends for votes. I see it it my news feed all the time and I do think it is cool to some extent. There are a lot of cool companies and art groups that put together contests for many reasons. I dont like to use my fan base for a means to win a contest. I am more interested in spreading color and love through my paintings. I feel the reason they "like" my page is because they want to be a part of it or "in the Know" of what I have going on with my work. Some folks may even just like me as a person and could care less about the art (my personal profile is boring so many of my friends just keep up with me through my artist page hehehe). I guess what I am saying is I do not like to get spammed with stuff and I am sure my fans do not either? But from time to time a contest may come along that peaks my the new Royal Talens Rembrandt contest...called Create Your own Color 

The fine folks at Rembrandt have created a contest that artists from all walks of life can submit a small proposal of a custom color to be produced for a limited time with your name on it (hence the Jeschke Orange Cream) They will sell a limited number of tubes. I would guess that they are going to make a batch of it...put it in the custom tubes with your name on it and get it out to the world in a very limited fashion. There are what they call 3 color rounds with votes being taken in every round....The top 3 vote winners will then be put in front of a panel of experts...they then pick which one will get produced. There are 3 rounds with a total of 3 winners through out the contest. I want to be one of those!! hehehehe That is where I need your help.....

I have been a faithful Royal Talens user for my whole painting career. I Love the Rembrandt and Van Gogh line of oils. They are my "go to" paints...I love them so much that I must make orders for them through companies like Blick...cause they do not carry them in the local art stores. It would be a dream for me to have one color named after me, even for a limited run!!! The other prize in the contest is that they will send me 9 tubes of my namesake color.....

The rules of the contest state that if chosen I must send them samples of my color...easy beans!! I have mixed and used that color often...and since this whole thing is really about color...I will explain to you what the story behind it is.....I was thinking Orange Cream....Like a Orange Sherbert or a great orange Cream frozen Orange pastel color that is still bright but smooth..... This color would be a great base for some flesh tint or a fade sunset.  The photo is not as good as the color in front of my eyes on the canvas but I am sure you get the idea!! I mixed this color using Rembrandt Titanium White (PW6/PW4) and worked in the Rembrandt Cadmium Orange (PO20/PY36) I then added a few touches of a Lemon Yellow (PY3) to get a bit of brightness into the mix. (the tint fade in photo was done using Titanium White). Oranges can be tricky...Cadmium Orange can be to harsh sometimes..Thus in the mix I add the Lemon Yellow to soften and add some light and brightness to it....When tinted down with white Jeschke Orange Cream turns into a wonderful cotton candy color....lots of life to it.

How can you help? please click on this Create your own color ot go to Rembrandts facebook page and look in their tabs for the Create your own color tab. Then scroll down till you see my entry...and hit the vote there is going to be a popup that asks you for approval and such...don't fret...this is just for reasons to prevent voting fraud that has happened with other Royal Talens voting contests...You may have to scroll down a bit and even look through the pages to find me..(the contest system is kinda clunky and not the best system?) but they said that it ran well in tests? Who knows? but it is what it is and I can live with that heheheh......You do not need to fill out anything but may have to "like" the Rembrandt page...which is a good thing anyway!!! If you go through all of this for me....It would really make me smile!!!! and help a small dream come true to me on a personal level.....I know it is a lot to ask of you!!

Please also join the contest if you have some ideas....If it will not work out for me at least I would love to have one of my friends have the chance.....I just want to have my chance at this....(if you do please at least hit a vote for me heheheheheh) Get involved..Have fun....Share this blog post!!! It is all about spreading color and Love!!! and the folks at Rembrandt are great at that!!! 

If by some luck or chance I would win....I would have a few extra tubes of the custom color (and I am sure would probably purchase a bunch?).... and in the spirit of spreading color....I would give some away to my fans and even if you do not vote...leave a comment and who knows you may get some Jeschke Orange Cream......( I would do a drawing or best comment type of thing) In essence I would Love to have some of my fans using my color!!!!

Thank you for taking some time to read this.....and whether you vote or not just know that without all of you none of my dreams would have come true....You fans are more important to me than my name on a tube of paint....You make me smile everyday just by showing an interest in my humble work....I dont ask much but when I do it is real important to me......Thanks again........It is a long shot but at least I have a shot?

Peace and Love to you my friends.....