Friday, December 28, 2012

I Van Gogh...Do You? A "That's Me" Ambassadors View

 I wanted to take a moment and give you a little bit of information about what I have going on in 2013...If you are hooked up with my facebook Artist page you may have seen a few things on the new Van Gogh Brand campaign and my relationship with them as an Ambassador for them. Royal Talens is one of the oldest and respected Brands from Amsterdam in The Netherlands....They continue to be a leader in the Fine Arts Paint world. They are used all over the world and a "Go-To" brand for many top Artists! 

2013 is going to be a great year to be an Artist. Royal Talens|Van Gogh Brand Fine Art Paints and Materials is launching the "That's Me" Campaign. A campaign to Inspire folks to paint and create beauty through being themselves and taking some chances. I feel everyone in the world should create art! If you create art even for yourself you will find happiness in many other aspects of your life! You do not need to show anyone, you can keep it to yourself, a gift for your life. You never know though....You may someday want to show your paintings in a gallery or even selling/gifting some of your work to family and friends thus spreading the beauty of others!!

I have been chosen to be one of the five talented artists from around the world to be Ambassadors for the campaign. I am humbled to be a part of this group of world class artists. It makes me smile and is a dream come true, as I have used Van Gogh Oils for the past 20+ years. I also use their other brand of oils Rembrandt on much of my work also....So I have been a Royal Talens customer forever....and now I work with them to spread my love of painting with the world.

I had kept this secret of being chosen as an Ambassador for many many months. it was so hard to contain my excitement. It finally came the time to start to release some of the info...(the launch of the campaign was set for 2013). So I thought I would share a bit of it with you today in this blog entry.....There is so many cool things going on I can only touch the bases in this quick post.....LOL

Well first of all I would love for you to take a look at the new Van Gogh Brand Website....Watch as the cover photo slideshow changes through all of the Ambassadors....You will see some of the greatest artists around....and me. Also click around and see what is going will find some great info....Click on Inspiration and find out some info about the Ambassadors with some videos you should watch. In essence just have some fun and look around you never know what will Inspire you?
 (Here is the Link: Van Gogh Brand Website

A Quick Video moment with a Van Gogh Ambassador
Please take some time and watch me do some work and visit with you about painting beauty...


Look for me in your Local Fine Art Supply Store

 The excitement of  2013 will also be the new Fine Art Paint sets that Van Gogh will be releasing to all retailers around the world....this is so exciting. I will be featured on a set that contains 6 large (200ml) tubes of Oil Paint and 2 painting knives. I created a painting for this (the painting in the video) and had some photo sessions so the fine folks at Van Gogh could put together this great colorful packaging...It makes me smile whenever I think about being a part of this!!!!! ....So look for it in a store near you!!! I would love for you to send me a photo of you holding it!!!!

Here is the painting I created for the "That's Me Campaign"
"The Flow"
Oil on Canvas  -Palette Knife Impasto


I just hope that through all this that I may be able to Inspire some folks to create! It is very exciting for everyone involved in the Campaign. I am planning on some visits to Amsterdam in The Netherlands to celebrate it all in 2013....I look forward to hanging out with the other Artists and folks at Royal Talens, and maybe do some painting while I am there?

I also want to take this time to give a huge virtual hug to all the folks at Royal Talens Van Gogh....You make me smile everyday with your products and your faith in me. You have made my dreams come true on many levels. I am honored by this!!! You all are Awesome!!!! Smiles, Peace and Love to You

I would Love to say thank you to YOU!!! The person reading this right now....You are the reason I do what I do........You Inspire me!!!!! I just hope that I can return the favor just a bit.....Thank you for your interest in my work....Lots more info to come....Stay Tuned....... I love you