Monday, February 20, 2012

A look into the SUN FIGURE Series...and a new painting

Life on planet Earth is a beautiful thing...Millions of species of animals, bacteria, plants etc. call this little blue planet earth. Some species are very clever and have developed complex systems of retaining their life and the world around them. Humans among the most clever....We build great monuments to our humanity, move about the planet in vehicles made of minerals, and communicate through machines also built with minerals and elements we think we have power over. Is this a fluke? Are we riding on the only body in the vast space around us that gives life?....I Think Not....

My Sun Figure series takes a look at one possible species that also shares the Universe with us. Here is a little bit about these fascinating beings....

The Sun Figures are a creation that thrives in the hostile environment of a Star or Sun. Hydrogen and Helium plasma feed their life-force. The magnetic field gives them power and communication. Their bodies are not carbon based, as most other life we know is, but concentrated light elements derived from the molecules around them. They need vehicles made of heavy elements we do know yet know exist to move around. The spheres give them mobility and are with them forever, almost a part of them. They are controlled by the Sun Figures thoughts, movements and arms (as we would call them). They thrive in the gravitational pressure and heat. The larger the star, the more powerful the Figures. They do not know death or any concept of it. They are pure light. To them the path to Heaven is achieved when the star they live on reaches it most powerful phase, Supernova! Heaven is entered only when the star becomes what we call a Black Hole, the most dense object we know of in the universe. This is where they meet God. 

The Sun Figures mission is to nurture the delicate balance of  the stars life. It is their garden to sow and love. The keep the balance of life energy flowing. With out them stars would not live....without other life would exist! The are vital to the clock work of everything....... They did not create life, but only help to maintain it........... They are Sun Angels of God.

The Paintings in the Series so far:
"Figures on the Sun"
24x36in Oil on Canvas
Dec. 2004 
"Figures on the Sun" was the first one in the series that brought my vision to light..... It was done in one session. It captures a group of beings congregated together for fellowship. It is bold in its movement and color. I knew once complete, the theory had to be examined more. This brought to me the vision to do the next one....almost the next day!

24x48in Oil on Canvas
Dec. 2004 

"Sun Figure #1"   My personal favorite...After completing "Figures on the Sun" I got excited and wanted to create a closer more detailed view of these beautiful beings...The colors are vibrant and flow by one another with a strong force in themselves. It also is the only painting so far with a view of their knowledge of humanity.... A hidden image showing a female human....proof that everything is connected....all life revolves in one large circle....

"Sun Figure #0"
16x20in Oil on Canvas
2005 (completed 2011)

"Sun Figure #0" This painting was lost at one point in time...I had painted the figure one night in 2005...playing around with the Sun Figure image....I put it aside and at it ended up in a box with a bunch of my other older works and when I had moved it was unknowingly stored in my basement and forgotten!! A few months ago I was digging in some boxes and found was a good find....I then wanted to have some fun with color and finished the background last Nov.

"Sun Figure #2"
24x48in Oil on Canvas
Sept. 2011

"Sun Figure #2" was my first painting last year....I wanted to play around with the color and feel of the Sun Figure...This painting is bright and a wonderful play on color....The Blue and Yellow create a sharp contrast in this work....and the flow of the background bring life to the piece.......It is the only painting in this series that is presently for sale..Sun Figure #2 for sale here and will only be up for sale at this price for another month or two....then it will become part of my personal collection (and get expensive)

-The DEBUT of a New Painting to the Series-

"Sun Figure #3"
18x24in Oil on Canvas

"Sun Figure #3"....This painting was just completed this last weekend... It started as a fluke of sorts...I had set out to create a non-subject abstract painting for fun...You know just go play with some color and not take it as a serious thing....So I took my palette knife and some oil paints that I wanted to use up (partial tubes of paints that I may have lots of tubes of that color) and I just started to make a mess....well soon I saw a partial face on the canvas and proceeded to exploit it and worked it to being what it is today...This painting was done in 2 sessions and was done with about 90% palette knife...the only real brushing was to smooth out some of the face after my cat Winston had decided that he wanted to step on it (I had laid it down on my work table and got distracted hehehe Cats will be cats)...The paint on this one is very thick and the texture is wonderful.......I tried to get in a little closer to the being than the other in the series....I was just having fun and it came to life.....

 Thank you all for spending some time to take a closer look into a few of my paintings....Yes my mind is filled with crazy stuff....I am so happy that I can get some of that stuff onto a format that other folks can also enjoy and think about....I am sure that these are not the last in this series....I like to come back to it from time to time.....I would love to hear your thoughts on these pieces.....(the comments below are not set to be signed up....anyone can comment) Please also "share" the link to this story with your friends....Peace and Love to you I hope you enjoyed this latest blog post



Thursday, February 2, 2012


"A Sioux Mustangs Spirit"
16x20in Acrylic on Canvas

He is the strength and grace....the keeper of heart and soul of a whole people...He lives in every Mustang that lives side by side with the Sioux Nation. He is wise and fearless with a heart that knows War and turmoil but also knows Peace and Love. A gift from Mother Earth. A keeper of the 4 directions...He helps provide for the beautiful people that worship him as natures master of the plains...He is light....He is darkness

His Eyes are blank with energy as he sees things with his life-force and heart. A cold stare of Respect, Love and Duty....His sight is within......He knows everything and nothing

He attracts the light...and it reflects from him like silver....In the moonlight he stands still with the world moving on around him. His mane is sharp with glitter and movement...He lives in the Light...He is Light!

His Nation is that of the Oyate, also know as the Sioux. His people lived on and cherished the upper Midwest of the United States...The Sioux Empire (as it is still known today) is where his light is shown...He is a buffalo hunter...He is a warrior. 
I painted this beautiful painting as a tribute to the heritage of my mothers...I am Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux\Oyate. My mother people lived on this land and thrived for many many moons. I wanted to capture a feeling of the power of the Mustang in my culture. The Spirit of a people who looked upon these majestic animals as equals. The Mustang gave them a whole world of prosperity...They where the means of the hunts and the wars. They allowed the Sioux to partner with them in life as a friend, a companion, and a bringer of life....I wanted to try and capture just a hint of that...

The background to this piece is a thick Impasto style...hints of red and violet share the sky with some of the darkness....This is a high gloss piece with texture and person it just sings!!! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do....Last night as I worked on some finishing detail, excitement washed over me many times. I love it when it all just comes together with Peace and Love.....
This beautiful painting is up for sale on my Etsy...Click Purchase Here
 This would look great in your world...Frame it and enjoy it forever!

Thank you everyone for taking a look at my latest work,,,Please feel free to share this if you please....and Please leave a comment below (anyone can comment, you do not need to be signed up) 
Also remember I Love you all....I am so blessed to have so many wonderful folks interested in my humble work.....