Wednesday, January 18, 2012


16x20in Oil on Canvas

It was on this day he noticed....finally really noticed. It had been there his whole life but he was to busy with his fake life. The life everyone expected him to live. The banks, bill collectors and advertisers all had a good hold on how he should be living his life. Marketing departments owned him. They shove the "must have items" in his face. They influence him to spend money on things that are just things. The Rulers of his land worked to make him conform to the party line. They promised freedom but delivered nothing.....besides rules. He was taught to just "be". He became Blue...
.....and alone! When he finally started to notice what had been done he took a long the edge of the world. Where light is pure and energy is real. It is a beautiful but lonely place, cause not to many know it even exists...not to many have made this trip....not to many have admitted they are also Blue. He stepped close to the edge and looked up....With his bloodshot eyes, for the first time he actually saw the Sun...
He knew it was always there....but he never really ever "Saw it".......... He raised his hand and with a deep sigh and a tear, he pointed to the sky. A visual snapshot entered his mind, he would never forget this moment. He would live his life different now. An awakening moment. He realized that he had forgot about the natural energy of the world and the universe as we know it and the power of light and color...
He would never be the same again....He now took notice of the beauty and life all around him...Maybe it was from that point on "When He Found the Sun" that he was actually alive for the first time?

Do you need to take that journey?

***This is a painting I finished up today...I started it about a week ago (the background and sun...everything except the figure...which I completed today). As I was painting it, I tried to capture the feelings and mood of the story that was swimming in my head. I wanted to show the loneliness we all feel....and sometimes the palette knife is the best way to show that....hopefully the bright colors yield the viewer a glimmer of light and promise....even if they live their life in the Blue......
Thanks for checking it out....I had fun with this one...I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

***UPDATE*** This beautiful painting now lives in Australia....It was sold soon after I posted this blog....It is now part of a collection by Temporary Galley . I am super happy that it has such a great new home....I hope many can enjoy it.....Peace and love to you
 "Lance: your painting arrived alive and well in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks a Million. Erik The Viking"


  1. Lance I think the story really brings this piece to life. As I was reading it I kept going back to the full pic and the words sort of stepped me thru it's creation. And to do all this with a palette knife I agree perfect way to express it.I enjoyed reading about this one indeed.

    1. Thanks my friend...I am happy you enjoyed it!! I had a blast painting it...