Thursday, February 2, 2012


"A Sioux Mustangs Spirit"
16x20in Acrylic on Canvas

He is the strength and grace....the keeper of heart and soul of a whole people...He lives in every Mustang that lives side by side with the Sioux Nation. He is wise and fearless with a heart that knows War and turmoil but also knows Peace and Love. A gift from Mother Earth. A keeper of the 4 directions...He helps provide for the beautiful people that worship him as natures master of the plains...He is light....He is darkness

His Eyes are blank with energy as he sees things with his life-force and heart. A cold stare of Respect, Love and Duty....His sight is within......He knows everything and nothing

He attracts the light...and it reflects from him like silver....In the moonlight he stands still with the world moving on around him. His mane is sharp with glitter and movement...He lives in the Light...He is Light!

His Nation is that of the Oyate, also know as the Sioux. His people lived on and cherished the upper Midwest of the United States...The Sioux Empire (as it is still known today) is where his light is shown...He is a buffalo hunter...He is a warrior. 
I painted this beautiful painting as a tribute to the heritage of my mothers...I am Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux\Oyate. My mother people lived on this land and thrived for many many moons. I wanted to capture a feeling of the power of the Mustang in my culture. The Spirit of a people who looked upon these majestic animals as equals. The Mustang gave them a whole world of prosperity...They where the means of the hunts and the wars. They allowed the Sioux to partner with them in life as a friend, a companion, and a bringer of life....I wanted to try and capture just a hint of that...

The background to this piece is a thick Impasto style...hints of red and violet share the sky with some of the darkness....This is a high gloss piece with texture and person it just sings!!! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do....Last night as I worked on some finishing detail, excitement washed over me many times. I love it when it all just comes together with Peace and Love.....
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 This would look great in your world...Frame it and enjoy it forever!

Thank you everyone for taking a look at my latest work,,,Please feel free to share this if you please....and Please leave a comment below (anyone can comment, you do not need to be signed up) 
Also remember I Love you all....I am so blessed to have so many wonderful folks interested in my humble work.....


  1. Very moving piece!!! I love horses!!! Great job!!!

    1. Thank you...He was real fun to paint...I could feel his energy grow as the more complete he got....Thanks you again