Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Double Header w\Lynn and Jeschke..My first Show.. Soon!

The Future Scene of the Crime...

Life is full of "Firsts"......Your first steps, Your first kiss, Your first Love and on an on.......But how many times in your life do you get to have your very first Art show?......As an Artist this is your big day! Something you will always remember...a milestone in your adventure to share color and light. A chance for others to see your work up close and live within its presence....On Thursday March 22nd 2012 I get to take that adventure.......Thanks to the fine folks at the Madison Area Arts Council and The BrickHouse Community Arts Center In Madison South Dakota USA. 

The show is what they call a Double Header...2 artists...1 night! This is a monthly event sponsored by the Madison Area Arts Council to showcase some of the areas finest artists. A reception and show focusing on Art in your Community awareness. A time where 2 artists with completely different styles and grooves can come together to create a feast for the eyes. On March 22nd, Artist Kari Lynn and I will be bringing out the goods...

Double Header with Lynn and Jeschke is the event you have all been waiting for....

For many years I have painted in private, not sharing much of my work with the world...I was a musician focusing my creativity to a sonic audience...that was where I showed myself to the world....about 8 months ago I decided to take a chance on life and focus on what really moves me...with a canvas, paints and some simple tools I could create visions to share with the world. It was always my real dream....but RocknRoll has a grip that is not easily removed. She is a hard girl to let go.....but I needed to move on...I had done all I had ever dreamed with her and she now was boring to me. All I could think about was the smell of linseed oil and the feel of paint going on a canvas....and sharing that with the world. I now have my first chance to do that in person....I am excited!!!

I have been "making a list and checking it twice" on what paintings will be included in the show....I have my "big hitters" (the few paintings that I consider my best work) that I know I will be showing....The issue comes into play on what of my other works I want to bring out. This has been a adventure...going back and forth on what to show....I think every artist can feel my pain?.....I decided to pretty much load up everything and decide when I get to the venue....problem solved for now!! The piece I am most excited for eyes to see is my "I am Just A House Fly".....I cant wait to hear the reviews on this piece in particular... 3ft x 4ft of oily fly....
"I am Just a House Fly" 
36x48in Oil on Canvas
Bring your Fly Swatters!!! This guy will "bug" you all night long at the show

I will be sharing the wall of the Brick House with a talented artist from Watertown South Dakota...none other than Kari Lynn....This is an honor for me. I cannot wait to see her work at the show as I have not had the chance to see it in person with my own eyes....but from the images I have seen I get excited to have that chance and to be showing with her..... The mood she creates with her work takes my mind to a place it wants to be. The movement and flow is beautiful.  Here are a few samples I stole from her hehehehe

Artist Kari Lynn
Title: Mardi Gras
Medium: Pen and ink, watercolor
(Image property of Kari Lynn all rights reserved)

Title: Severance
Medium: Acrylic
30x48 on Canvas
(Image property of Kari Lynn all rights reserved)

 What do you think about that?.....Need I say Wow!.....The excitement builds for the night....the night we shall come together and with any luck...blow the minds of all those who enter the show on this wonderful night in March.....

On Thursday, March 22nd at 7:00 in Madison South Dakota USA....this is the view you better be seeing as you enter......I know most of you who are reading are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from Madison SD....If I could just ask that you send us your Love and be there in Spirit.....It is a big night for me in my art career....Nerves will be tested...butterflies will be floating around in a stomach or two....but it is all part of the excitement of doing something you have always dreamed of......Please go over to the event page Double Header with Lynn and Jeschke and check it out....leave us a comment or two.....also make sure that you go over and check out Madison Area Arts Council and "like" the page...they are great....Thank you all so much for taking some time to read this little post about my first show....I will be taking lots of photos and will share it all with you after the event.....I hope to see you all there!!!!! Peace and Love to you

Please feel free to share this link....I can always use he help to make this big ...thanks

Would like to thank the Madison Area Arts Council and Kari Lynn for the use of some of the photos in this blog post.....


  1. Fabulous Lance! You seem to have captured much of how I feel also! It has been a few years since I ventured out of the studio, taking care of a farm can keep you busy... This show is going to be a lot of fun and I really look forward to seeing your art upfront and personal... :)Only a week away! Yayyyy! :)

    1. I know....it is getting exciting!! It will be a good night for both of us I am sure of it....