Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Home Land South Dakota...a quick tour

A Beautiful South Dakota scene...A proud Bison on the rolling prairie.

The place you choose to call your home is a direct reflection on who you are as an artist. The view of your world around you and the beauty to be found is inspiration at its most pure state. I have been asked many times, from friends and fans all around the world to show what inspires some of my work. I thought I would take some time and show you some of the highlights of  the beauty of the place I live and the inspiration question can be answered....First of all, Where is South Dakota you ask?
South Dakota is located on the Great Plains of the United States.
"The Sioux Empire"
Once it was the land of the Oyate\Sioux Indians One of the greatest 
American Indian Civilizations to ever be.

....I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA, The largest city in South Dakota  (metro population of 250,000). It is a beautiful city with the Sioux Falls as its namesake landmark and tourist attraction.  It is located on the far east side of the state a few miles from the border with Minnesota. The Black hills, Badlands and other wonders are located on the far west side of the state. (about a 5 hour drive from me)
 The Skyline of Sioux Falls SD, Downtown Area 
with a view of the Big Sioux River flowing through on its way to the Falls.
The Falls of the Big Sioux River
located a stones throw from downtown Sioux Falls SD

The Heritage of the Area

This was once the proud, bountiful land of the Oyate\Sioux Indians. The land was stolen by the US Government in the 1800's to fulfill the greed and Manifest Destiny of the United States, Thus resulting in the Great Indian wars of that time. Gold found in the Black Hills (a sacred and spiritual place) sealed the fate of the Sioux and many other tribes. You may have seen many movies and pictures based on these times...It is a hard thing for me to speak on because of my heritage. My family, on my mothers side is Sisseton Wapeton Oyate Dakota Sioux. My Great Grandparents and Mother lived on a reservation on the Missouri River known as Crow Creek and Standing Rock (North Dakota). They where controlled by the government and had hard times within that control. This all is a very Sad chapter in American History. Here are a few images I found to show a quick view of some of these beautiful people and their way of life during the time of the takeover from the US.

Some Images of South Dakota's Beauty

The landscape of South Dakota is awe inspiring....Lots of beautiful visions of wide open plains, the Black Hills and the Badlands are treasures to anyone who sees them. A land of wildlife and history. 
Black Hills at Custer State park

Black Hills

The Black Hills where named for the view you get from 
afar....they are covered with the "Black Hills Spruce Trees" 
and appear Black from a distance.

The Badlands in Western South Dakota

A drive into Beauty....Badlands

Views of beauty in South Dakota

The South Dakota Prairie

A typical plains view....I can see this within a 15 minute drive

There are millions of beautiful images of South Dakota I could show you. I just wanted to give you a quick overview of the land that is around me. The Black Hills and Badlands are on the other side of the state but I frequent that area very is like a part of me....Please take some time to Google some other photos of this wonderful place on earth....I will now post a few pics of some of the famous sculptures in my state....The best one, In my opinion, is the yet unfinished CRAZY HORSE Monument. It is an image of one of the greatest Sioux Chiefs, a warrior and a proud Sioux. He was part of the group that kicked Custer's Ass at the battle of Little Big Horn. This sculpture once completed with be the largest sculpture on earth. Mt Rushmore could fit into the head of Crazy Horse. this thing is huge and beautiful....It is taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza....I don't know if I will live to see it complete?

Crazy Horse Monument and model of what it will look like finished

To give a little size perspective..... Crazy Horse

Mt. Rushmore....the shrine of Democracy 
and reminder that the US government has all the power to steal 
or do what they want...This is on sacred Indian land! Read your history books
on what this sculpture really means!!!
Sculpted by Gutzon Borglum a racist man with strong ties to the Ku Klux Klan!


I hope this gives you a perspective on the land in which I choose to call home. There is a lot of history and beauty to be found right in my own back yard. Living here, I sometimes forget how wonderful it is to be living in this part of the world.  If you are planning a vacation this year or next, take a look at coming to South Dakota. If you get to Sioux Falls let me know we can have lunch and I can show you some wonderful gems. You can also get a chance to see some of my work in person. There is so much to see, I have not even broken the surface of beauty here.....Look up some of the things I have mentioned...also search for Deadwood, Custer State Park, Missouri River or just South Dakota in general......It is a great place to live with a strong artistic history....Search Harvey Dunn, Oscar Howe, Terry Redlin or many other world famous artists. I hope you enjoyed your quick tour of my homeland.....Peace and love to you

Please leave your thoughts and comments....I would love to hear from you


  1. Love to read your story Lance! You can write very well! And WOW! What an inspiring landscape! Spectacular how it differs from flat to full of mountains and so raugh! Like to read more frome you!

    1. Thank you.....It is really beautiful country here...just wanted to share a bit of my world with you all...I can only imagine what it is like in the Netherlands it is my dream to go their for sure....Peace and Love to you

  2. hi Lance, I' m Alberto from Italy, thank you so much for your introduction of this beautiful country. I' ve visited Usa 6 times, the last one was New orleans, I' ve always visited big and famous city but for my next travel I' d like to see your wonderful natural side. seeing the pictures you' ve put I' m remained fashinating and I' m considering to visit your country someday!

    1. Thanks for taking some time to check out my blog post...I will tell you that it is beautiful here In South Dakota...I have traveled the country and always say that South Dakota is one of the most beautiful places on earth....You would not be sorry to visit here

  3. Lance,im from Fla and would like to vist South Dakota this coming spring.what is the weather like in april?

    1. You will love it....the weather in April can vary...almost depends on the year...More time than not it is typical spring weather...maybe in the spring nights....actually can be some of the most beautiful times....

    2. I was raised in Wyoming, but moved to Oregon 5 years ago. After looking at your photos, I am dreaming of my move to the Dakotas.

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