Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Want to see my Work with your own Eyes?

  If you find yourself in Eastern South Dakota, USA this summer there are a few chances to see some of my work on exhibit with your own eyes. Though the summer is half way over, there is still a lot of summer groove to capture through my work. Bugs thrive in the summer and they are going to be buzzing around at a few great shows and galleries. So make a day trip or plan a vacation around seeing some of the great art here in South Dakota......If you are lucky enough to make it to the receptions of these shows it would make me happy to meet you and hand out a few free hugs and smiles....

Here is a quick list of the shows that will be showing pieces from "My Bug Collection" and pieces from my "Abstracts Series" .

Brookings Arts Council 36th Annual Fine Arts Open

Brookings Arts Council
August 1st - 24th
Reception August 24th
Brookings, SD

Will be showing: "I am Just a House Fly" and "I am Just a Grasshopper"


Lance Jeschke and Chad Smith at Gallery Go 

Aug. 31st - Sept. 28th
Reception on Aug. 31st
126 S. Main St. Aberdeen, South Dakota

I will be showing works from "My Bug Collection" and my "Abstract Series"
"I am Just a House Fly"
"I am Just a Grasshopper"
"Wasp, the Yellow Jacket"
"The Monarch Queen"

Abstracts that will be shown are still not set yet but will include: "Germ #1" "Peace in Blue" and maybe a few surprises and\or unpublished works. You will have to make it to the show to see.....


Washington Pavilion First Juried Art Exhibition

 Sept. 14th - Dec. 2nd 2012 
Reception on Sept. 15th
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

My piece called "The Monarch Princess" was selected and will be in exhibit at this great show.

Piper Fine Art Gallery
 You can always view some of my pieces at Piper Fine Art Gallery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Right now there are 4 pieces at Piper Fine Art for your viewing pleasure and purchase Click Here to see what is Hanging out


These are some great chances to see my work and the work of other world class artists from South Dakota. If you would like any further info on these shows or any of my work please do not hesitate to drop me a message....I would love to hear about your adventures in art and any reaction to the shows I am involved with. There will be many more...including Artists Against Hunger 7 in December. Peace and love to you all

Hope to see your smiling face at one of my shows!!!

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