Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you own any Original Art?

Today, There are many things that have been boxed up into "Buy this to make your life better." You can walk into someones home and see the same generic wall adornments. You are part of the club. Same old boring home interior wall decorations. Some people even think they are doing something special by going into Hobby Lobby shuffling through all the prints and getting that print framed. Spending lots of money on something that everyone else has, or an old idea. I mean, I love Van Goghs "Starry Night", but seeing it in 3 out of 10 friends homes gets a little unoriginal.(at least they dig art enough to put it on there walls, I guess)

I understand that original art can be expensive...the materials alone for someone like me to create a large painting can set me back $50-$200 not including the time or the value of talent. That's not the point! The point is, that when you purchase original artwork you are purchasing a vision, a dream, a one of a kind! Sure some paintings a artist will do resemble other works they do, but that is also part of the style you now own a chunk of. When you display that work in your home or office you are also making a statement about who you are as a person.

An oil painting can last hundreds of years, generations of folks can enjoy the small investment you made today. It can be a focal point in a room. It can be a conversation piece. You can learn something from it everyday. The way the light hits it on Monday afternoon in the filtered sunlight through your blinds gives you a different perspective than Saturday night with your lights dim as you enjoy a glass of wine. Try doing that with a framed poster print?

The moral of the story is take a look at your walls in your home....Find a wall that needs something that will take you to a new place, excites your eyes, or makes you dream. Find some local artists that can do that for you, find a few. Maybe even go crazy and fill your walls with original local art or any style. Many local art can be purchased for less than you think. We know we are not going to make a ton of money doing this. Hence the phrase "Starving Artist." What you will be doing is giving that artist a chance to buy more materials and create more art! That is what I figure. I have so many visions inside my head I could paint everyday for the rest of my life and still not get it all out! So give us a chance to do just that! We need materials to get these visions out of our heads....We want to share those visions with you and the world. So think about it the next time you feel like doing something cool for yourself, seek out some local art and if it moves you, Buy it!! Also think about how you can share even more by giving it as gifts to your loved ones. When you give a gift like that I can assure you Aunt Sally and you will not be double gifting.

Thanks everyone for giving me the chance to share Color, Peace and Love with you.....


  1. As an artist I have to thank you! You brought it to the point !!!

  2. Thanks was something I had written a few months ago...thought I would share some of also helps get my blog going hehehe Love you all