Monday, December 26, 2011

"WASP the YELLOWJACKET" an insect in Oil

A Wasp, or sometimes called a YellowJacket, they are know to strike fear in even the bravest of humans. They seem to taunt us by living and hunting in close proximity to places close to where us humans also spend our days. The bright yellow and black contrast shows the world "Don't mess with me, I am way more mean that that happy Honey Bee!"... "I will make you hurt!" It is a beautiful respect they have gained or shall I say Earned!!!

I set out to paint this beautiful Wasp to make a few small statements. First of all the beauty that can be found in nature, even in the villains....matter of fact evolution has given most of the villains of the animal kingdom some of the most beauty. A warning sign to would be predators. When I say villains I mean the creatures that possibly strike the most fear to other animals...the predators, the ones who can make you hurt. They are not real villains they are just doing what they need to do to survive on this planet. Actually the Human race are the real villains on this planet, they are the ones who destroy it!

Second, I wanted to paint a subject that would arouse emotion around the beauty I can show. I don't know how many comments\messages that stated "Oh this painting is beautiful....but I hate Wasps, they scare me" or simply "That creeps me out, but the painting is real good." A close relative came over to the house a few days ago...I showed her the painting...she said " You did a great job but I would never have a painting of a wasp hanging in my house"....Mission Accomplished!!!!

Third was simply the personal challenge to paint this guy. I had a vision of what I wanted to create and it actually came out they way I had originally envisioned, that happens on rare occasion. I usually start with a vision or idea and even a well thought out plan but throughout the painting process it either changes or my skills will not allow it to be as I visioned. This time everything came together. I always find the process interesting...from idea to hanging on a wall, the painting process is a beautiful journey that few ever get to see....they usually just see the finished product...and do not know the work or decision making that goes into a painting. I try and show that from time to time on my facebook page in photo journals....folks seem to really like to watch the step by step and of course I get real excited to post a new adds a special feel to the painting....and yes I do have an album for this guy...."Wasp the YellowJacket" photo journal  Looking through that album you can really get a feel for what was going on at the comments and the comments of others can put you, in some part, into the mind of the artist...It is a fun journey!

I ran into a few challenges during this painting but no more or no less that on any painting I do. That problem solving is one of the things I really enjoy about painting. Its like a big puzzle that changes from minute to minute. The main issue was the colors....I had to let certain colors dry before I could move on to the next...Black and Yellow are notorious for making a mess with each other. If you get even a tiny amount of Black into the yellow wet is very hard to remove and it can turn that Yellow to mush real fast...Oil paints are a skill!......So for me, I always got excited and wanted to keep moving when I knew I could end up making a mess of it I had to practice a lot of patience! It was worth it in the end! Another point about palette was very limited for this painting, but limits provide a chance to do big things with very little!!!

Well the Wasp is now in drying mode....spending his days curing a few days (when he is a bit more dry) I will hang him in my living room to enjoy while he is doing the process of shedding his linseed oil...then I am looking forward to getting him into a beautiful, big, black frame. Someday maybe prints will be made so lots of folks can enjoy him or someday someone may pony up the cash to have the original hanging in their world...but for now he will just be part of my personal premium collection.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who is reading this....and all the folks who followed his creation....I enjoy sharing my talent with you all very much. It makes what I do, so very enjoyable!!

I just wanted to share a little more about what was going on in my twisted mind about this crazy painting....Please go check out my facebook page and see what else is brewing...Peace and love to you all!!!

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